The Aviay HOA

The Aviay HOA

The Aviary HOA takes pride in maintaining a strong sense of community. The Board of Directors are elected by the membership, are volunteers and are fellow homeowners. Our mission is to treat all members as neighbors and friends as we work to manage the association and to maintain property values while working within the scope of the CC&R’s.

Meet the Social Committee

The social committee conducts activities to enhance member engagement and neighbors getting to know each other. Popular events such as the Board of Director Pool Season Opening Party and our Fall Cookout are events looked forward to each year.

How the Board of Directors Work

The Aviary HOA is led by a five-member board of directors made up of homeowners. Board members are voted into office via a homeowner election process. Board members are non-paid, and homeowners who volunteer to serve. Board members are elected to a two-year term.

The Board works within the confines of the HOA’s governing documents (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions). These are also known as the DCCRs. The Board is responsible for establishing policies/rules, within the scope of the CC&R’s, that are used by the property management company to manage the day-to-day operation of the association.

As is generally the case with HOAs, the DCCRs were established by the original developer of the Aviary. Property changes and improvements are governed by the DCCRs.

All committee members are homeowners and are also unpaid volunteers. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

When making modifications and/or additions to their property, homeowners are required to obtain HOA, Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval before making modifications that add to or change how the property looks or is configured. This requirement is like the City’s building permit process but is done at the HOA level. A three-member HOA Board-appointed Architectural Control Committee (ACC), with the assistance of our management company, manages the ACC process.

The Aviary HOA CC&R’s require a minimum of one Board meeting per year. As a practical matter, the Board meets on a regular or as needed basis to conduct the business of the association. Except for executive sessions, all Aviary HOA meetings are open meetings for members to attend and the Board encourages and welcomes members to attend and get involved. Monthly meetings are generally held virtually, and the annual meeting is generally held in person at the city’s community room.

HOA members will receive advance notice of all meetings (date, time, location, and agenda). The meeting notices are distributed to members via eBlast. Please ensure you update your contact information so you will not miss the meeting and event notices

  • Members of the Board
  • Chris Pyryt – President
  • Frank Filo – Vice President
  • Donna MacDonald – Secretary
  • Tony Sabetti – Treasurer
  • Joe Cook – Member at Large

Join the Committees

The board of directors seeks volunteers to offer their talents in making our neighborhood a great place to live, work, learn, and play. Browse the committee goals below for more details.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, kindly contact the committee chair or fill out our online form.

A pool with palm trees and a gazebo in the background.

Pool Committee

Chair: Rick Reagan


Goals: The pool committee works to promote a clean, safe, and functional environment by working with FirstService Residential to communicate what is happening at the pool/amenities.

They need to ensure only residents safely use the pool and allow everyone to enjoy it.

Social Committee

Chair: Rick Reagan


Goals: The social committee initiates and plans social events for the community. Activities, such as the Fall Cookout, pool opening party, National Night Out and more.

A group of people sitting around a pool

The Management Company

A water sprinkler spraying out of the ground.

Essential Contact Information

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

A Glimpse of The Aviary

Our community pool includes the main pool and a kiddy play pool. Outside the pool area fencing is an HOA owned, small feature playground for younger children to enjoy. The area has park benches for your convenience.

The City of Murphy owns and maintains the Aviary Park, which includes a pavilion, BBQ area, walking path, sand volleyball and basketball court, and open space grassy field.

Why Live in Murphy, Texas?

Value Penguin has listed the city of Murphy as the fifth safest small city in Texas. It is a good place for community engagement and involvement. With constantly maintaining great home values, The Aviary HOA’s top job is to ensure a viable neighborhood with well-maintained properties and stable home values.